Who are we?

The Lifelines Project is an independent community project that has been developed by a group of local residents interested in wildlife, food, and a more resilient community

Owen Day  - Owen is a marine biologist who for the past 25 years has specialised in community-based projects aimed at ecosystem restoration and adaptation to climate change.  Together with his wife Suki, they manage 11 acres at Beerland Farm in the Char Valley, where they have planted over 1,700 trees and shrubs to promote wildlife and do their bit to tackle the climate and ecological emergencies. 

John Blanchard - John is an environmental biologist, from a farming family in Devon. His career spans 40 years, initially in crop protection and latterly as an environmental consultant. He has worked on many agricultural and energy projects both in the UK and overseas. 

Suki Day  - Suki is a primary school teacher who sees developing a love and curiosity for nature in children as an essential part of their education and wellbeing.  A keen pesticide-free gardener, Suki strives to make her garden a buzzing haven for insects, flowers and food.

Andrew Carey - Andrew has lived on Stonebarrow since 1987. He is a publisher, at Triarchy Press in Charmouth, of "authors and books that remind us to be aware of the world around us in all its layered complexity".  

 Kit Vaughan - Kit and Dr Ruth Fuller farm and manage a 52 acre woodland a the heart of the Marshwood Vale in West Dorset. Kit has over 30 years of practical and professional agriculture and conservation experience with a focus on biodiversity and climate change. He is committed to leaving his land in a better condition than he found it and ensuring that we balance production with the short and long term needs of sustainably managing our natural world.

Ines Cavill